Building Project Name Status Completion
Building C Campus Condensate Return Construction 8/31/2021
Building C WQ Initiatives C Bldg - Life Lab Longwood Design 2/28/2022
Building C WQ Initiatives C Bldg - BCMP/Cell/Infrastructure Construction 12/23/2022
Countway Library Countway Plaza Repairs Construction 7/1/2021
Goldenson Goldenson Steam Station - B1 Construction 10/22/2021
Goldenson GLDSN-HCCM Gnotobiotic Core Facility FY22 Design 12/27/2021
Goldenson FY21 Gldsn Systems - Abbvie Project Design 12/10/2021
Grounds FY21 Grounds CPF - Marble Wall Repair Construction 10/25/2021
New Research Building NRB Plaza Pavers Construction 8/31/2021
New Research Building NRB Roof Replacement/Solar Panels Construction 8/30/2021
New Research Building NRB Micro/Immunology Phase 1 Construction 9/15/2021
New Research Building Immuno-Flow Cytometry Design 9/1/2021
New Research Building Immuno - Kasper and Huh Expansion Design 9/1/2021
Seeley G Mudd WQ Initiatives - Cell-BCMP Program Renewal and Infrastructure Upgrades Construction 12/23/2022
Seeley G Mudd Foundry Core Initiative Construction 12/30/2021
Tunnel System Right Size Steam Tunnel Piping Drip Legs Construction 7/1/2021
Warren Alpert HCCM Facility Improvements Design 12/6/2021
Warren Alpert Alprt Neuro - Ponce Recruit FY21 Design