• Parking Registration

    Quad-based, benefit eligible faculty and staff members who wish to park on campus must apply for a permit. The permit is granted on a space availability basis. To apply for a permit, applicants should have a Harvard University ID as well as the license plate number, make and model of the vehicle to be permitted.

    To apply for a permit faculty and staff members must email the HMS Commuter Service and Parking Office at parking@hms.harvard.edu.  Payment for parking can be made through payroll deductions or by a quarterly check made payable to Harvard University.

  • Renewal

    Parking permits are synchronized with the University's fiscal year. Annual permits are valid from July 1 through June 30.

    Each May you will be notified via email from the Commuter Services and Parking office to renew your parking permit for the upcoming academic year. Update the current application on file by clicking here.

  • Payment Options

    Annual permits can be paid for by any of the following options:

    Check or Money Order

    Payments by check are accepted quarterly, semi-annually or annually. All payments by check or money order must be made payable to "Harvard University."

    Payroll Deduction

    Faculty and staff on the regular University payroll are eligible for payroll deduction of parking fees. Annual parking fees are divided evenly by the number of pay periods and deducted throughout the fiscal year.

    Pretax payroll deduction

    The cost of a Harvard parking permit can be reduced by up to 35% if it is paid for through automatic payroll deduction. The Internal Revenue Service allows employers to exclude the cost of parking for eligible commuting employees from state and federal payroll taxes. This means that when you use payroll deduction your Harvard parking permit fee is subtracted from your gross earnings before taxes are applied.  The pre-tax limit for 2019 is $265.00 per month.

  • Permit Types

    Harvard Medical School offers a number of parking permits to meet the commuting needs of faculty and staff members. HMS parking facilities are not to be used for vehicle storage. Each permit is designated for either garage or surface parking.

  • Monthly Permits

    A monthly parker can access their assigned garage or space 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. HMS parking facilities are not to be used for vehicle storage. Those interested in monthly parking should contact the number below for space availability information.

    Harvard Medical School Commuter Services and Parking Office: 617-432-1111

  • Surface Lot Parking


    Monthly parking permits are granted for specific spaces reserved on the surface lot for the commuting permit holders' exclusive use. These spaces are identified by a number (sequenced within a given lot) and available to the permit holder 24 hours per day, 7 days per week unless otherwise notified by the parking office.

  • Quad Garage Parking

    Quad Garage is a valet park assist garage.  Based on availability, monthly parking permits are issued to Quad-based faculty, staff and students living in Vanderbilt Hall.  The Quad garage has limited parking available for over sized vehicles (i.e  suvs, minivans, trucks or cross-overs or vehicles with height, width or weight limitations).  To avoid having parking privileges revoked, Quad Garage parkers must notify the HMS Parking Office of any change to their approved registered vehicles.  An attempt will be made to relocate parkers changing registered vehicles to other parking location if another space becomes available.


  • NRB Garage Parking

    The NRB Garage is a valet park assist garage.  Based on availability, monthly parking permits are issued to Quad based faculty, staff, students living in Vanderbilt Hall and tenants of the building. Parking spaces are not assigned.

  • After-Hour Permits

    After-hour parking permits are granted to faculty, staff and tenants that are based in a Harvard Longwood Campus building. Those eligible may register for either the Quad or NRB parking garage. Those driving oversized vehicles are only eligible to register at the NRB Garage. The after-hour parker's Harvard ID badges are valid at an assigned garage between 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, all day on weekends and Harvard holidays.

  • Motorcycle Permits

    Motorcycle permits are granted at the NRB parking garage in the designated motorcycle parking area. Motorcycle permit holders may access the NRB garage 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking on sidewalks or in spaces designated for vehicles. Motorcycles are also prohibited from being stored in the NRB Garage. Based on availability, motorcycle permits are available to Quad-based faculty, staff and Harvard Longwood Campus building tenants.

  • Student Permits

    Based on availability, parking is available to students living in Vanderbilt Hall.

    Students who have been allotted a parking space for a given academic year will have the option to renew that space for the following academic year and annually until the time of graduation.

    Students pay the same annual rate as staff and faculty and have the option of paying by check or charging their parking fee to their term bill.

    A student can access their assigned garage or space 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. HMS parking facilities are not to be used for vehicle storage. Those interested in monthly parking should contact the parking office to check availability.

    HMS Commuter Services and Parking Office - 617-432-1111

  • Note to Permit Holders

    Parking at the Harvard Longwood Campus is by permit only. Vehicles parked without a valid permit are subject to being ticketed and towed. Permits must be displayed properly on the vehicle according to the instructions provided by the HMS Commuter Services and Parking Office.

    The HMS Commuter Services and Parking Office issues parking permits for the lots listed below:

    • Countway Lot (695 Huntington Ave.)
    • Courtyard Lot (180B Longwood Ave.)
    • Smith Street (90 Smith St.)
    • NRB Garage (77 Avenue Louis Pasteur)
    • TMEC Lot (260 Longwood Ave.)
    • Palace Lot (164 Longwood Ave.)
    • Quad Garage (200 Longwood Ave.)
    • Shattuck Lot (25 Shattuck St.)
    • Denteast Lot (188 Longwood Ave.)
    • Landmark Center (401 Park Drive)
    • CLS Building (3 Blackfan St.)
  • Nonresident Student Driver Statements and Decals

    State law requires Harvard to post the following notice to all students who are not Massachusetts residents:


    Under Massachusetts law, if out-of-state students bring cars to campus but elect not to register them with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, then they must file a nonresident driver statement with the local police department whether or not they apply for on-campus parking. Shortly after filing the nonresident driver statement with the Cambridge or Boston Police Department (as applicable), students will receive a nonresident student driver decal from the HMS Commuter Service and Parking Office. This decal must be prominently displayed in the “uppermost center portion” of the vehicle’s windshield.

  • Wait Lists

    Demand for parking larger vehicles (SUV, truck, minivans, crossover) may exceed the available supply. If needed, faculty, staff and students living in Vanderbilt should email parking@hms.harvard.edu in order to be placed on the appropriate waitlist. Please include the following information: name, department, telephone number, and make, model and year of the vehicle. New applicants are wait-listed according to the date received in the HMS Commuter Services and Parking office.

  • Longwood Medical Area/Cambridge Reciprocal Parking Agreement

    You can review the agreement here.