Taxi Escort Service

  • Available from 9pm to 3am, seven days a week, from the NRB Security Desk (77 Avenue Louis Pasteur-1st floor).
  • Free within a one mile radius of the campus. Should you go beyond one mile you are responsible for the additional fare.
  • Each taxi will only go to one destination with up to four people.
  • Multiple riders going to different destinations will require separate vouchers and taxis.
  • Any violation of the taxi escort policy may result in loss of taxi privileges.
  • Note: this service is only available for Harvard faculty, staff, and students. All users must present a valid Harvard University ID card. It is not available for current residents of Vanderbilt Hall.

Walking Escort Service

  • Available 24 hours per day.
  • Call 617-43(2-1379) to request Security Officer escort.
  • Security Officer will escort you anywhere on Campus, or the nearest MBTA stop.
  • Please call ahead, allow 15 minutes for Security Officer to arrive at your location.

HUPD Blue Light Emergency Phones

  • 51 Emergency Call boxes are located throughout the campus.
  • Pushing the button on any of these boxes directly connects you to HUPD dispatch.

HUPD Safety and Security link

HUPD Active Shooter Safety Guidelines

HUPD Report Crime & Suspicious Activity