Project Delivery Process

The Project Delivery Process (PDP) has been designed to ensure the appropriate level of oversight for each project on campus, utilizing the industry's best practices. The PDP serves a guide to help provide clarity and insight to all team members and key stakeholders. The process strives to provide consistency, transparency and clarity across all projects.

Projects are categorized into one of four levels. This designation is based on the complexity, visibility, and approvals process needed to successfully achieve the project goals. Workflows have been developed for each level to help illustrate the process expected for a typical project.

We are continually improving tools and processes in order to provide the best service to the campus community.

Project Category Definitions



Level 1

Minor or renewal projects that involve minimum alterations or building systems upgrades.  Community visibility or impact is low and internal coordination is limited to departmental individual(s) and facilities.  Professional services are not typically required, are limited, does not include design, and the project delivery process is substantially condensed.  Design review, if required, is limited to finishes and furniture selection.

Projects include: limited finish refreshes, equipment installations, casework or furniture replacements, minor MEP upgrades

Level 2

Program or renewal projects with low community visibility or impact but significant impact and enhancements for individual programs or building infrastructure.  They include renovations that enable the academic mission and effective stewardship of the school’s physical resources.  Coordination generally includes a localized department, program or building occupants and facilities and requires professional services with internal design reviews.

Projects include: faculty recruitments, program relocations or expansions, entire system upgrades/replacements (i.e. RO systems), AHU replacements, roof replacements, lab services upgrades.

Level 3

Projects that have a significant value or community impact that enable the academic mission or incorporate HMS community realm.  These projects include coordination with school leadership and key stakeholders but does not require University Planning or corporation approvals or processes.

Projects include:  common areas, social spaces, school initiatives or programs

Level 4

Projects that have high visibility or strategic value for the school.  The projects include coordination and approvals with the corporation and oversight committees, school leadership, key stakeholders, the university architect selection and design review process and city agency approvals.

Projects include:  New buildings, additions, and major renovations, master planning, comprehensive campus wayfinding, exterior canopies, feasibility studies, façade restorations and historical work, exterior ramps