You can submit non-emergency safety concerns anonymously, through an online form or by calling a hotline.


If you would like to report a non-emergency safety concern, please use this online form. The form is anonymous and the HMS Safety Committee or the appropriate department will address all concerns.


The HMS/HSDM/HSPH Ombuds Office is a confidential, neutral and independent place to bring any issues affecting work or studies, including safety concerns. The only exception to confidentiality is when there is a threat of imminent danger. A caller may leave an anonymous message on the confidential Ombuds Office phone line identifying the nature and location of the safety concern and the Ombudsperson will communicate this information to the appropriate person responsible for the investigation of safety issues. Or, a caller may schedule an appointment to speak confidentially in person or by phone with the Ombudsperson to share his/her safety concerns and to discuss options for next steps. The visitor may choose to remain anonymous or may request that the Ombudsperson share these concerns without identifying the visitor.

Contact Information

617-432-4040 (confidential line)
617-432-4041 (office line)

Ombuds Office

Melissa BrodrickMelissa Brodrick, Ombudsperson
Harvard Medical School
Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
164 Longwood Avenue Boston, MA 02115
617 432-4040 (Ombuds)
617-432-4041 (Office)
617-432-0586 (Confidential Fax)
HMS Ombuds