Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Initiative


In alignment with the strategic goals of HMS and Harvard University, CP&F has initiated the development of its own Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) program. Recognizing the importance of supporting the DIB efforts of HU and HMS, CP&F also appreciates its unique position to make meaningful impact within its sphere of influence and continuously improving programs focused on inclusive excellence. In February 2021, Steve Maiorisi, Chief CP&F Officer, led a DIB kickoff meeting. Since then, an Oversight Committee has been established and a chair has been named. The initial Oversight Committee meeting took place in June 2021, followed by the establishment of the first subcommittee – Climate & Engagement (C&E) – in August 2021 and the second subcommittee – Staff & Management Development (S&MD) – in June 2022. Next steps include the continued development of the Oversight Committee, the two subcommittees, and future subcommittees and focus groups.


Committees & Members

Oversight Committee

Executive Sponsor: Steve Maiorisi, Chief Campus Planning and Facilities Officer
Project Manager: Alexandra Connors, Strategic Initiatives Project Manager
Coordinator: Arielle Perry, Administrative Coordinator 
Chair: Mimi Lam, Senior Veterinarian, HCCM
Daniel Velardi, Campus Services - Parking 
Matrida Neli, COMS Coordinator, HCCM
Tarah Allen, Senior Campus Planner, Planning, Design & Construction 
Jason DeConti, Project Manager, HCCM-OOTI
Devonne Countryman-Monteiro, Manager, Campus Services - Mail Room 
Mohammad Awad, Security, Campus Services
Ling Tam, Financial Analyst, Finance

Climate & Engagement Subcommittee
Chair: Matrida Neli, COMS Coordinator, HCCM
Cassie Bowler, Associate Director of Finance
John Gadson, Director of Facilities
Chris Sottile, General Manager Dining Services 
Colette Baker, Operations Analyst, Facilities
Joshua Springer, Training and Quality Assurance Specialist, HCCM

Staff & Management Development Subcommittee
Chair: Tarah Allen, Senior Campus Planner, Planning, Design & Construction 
Devonne Countryman-Monteiro, Manager, Campus Services - Mail Room
Jerico Johnston,  Facilities Operations Manager, Facilities 
Kelly Seary, Assistant Director, Animal Care Operations, HCCM
Joshua Springer, Training and Quality Assurance Specialist, HCCM


News & Updates 

2022 Heritage and Awareness Calendar, from Harvard EDIB
Updates from DIB Oversight Committee, Sept 2021