Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Initiative


In alignment with the strategic goals of HMS and Harvard University, CP&F has initiated the development of its own Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) program. Recognizing the importance of supporting the DIB efforts of HU and HMS, CP&F also appreciates its unique position to make meaningful impact within its sphere of influence and continuously improving programs focused on inclusive excellence. In February 2021, Steve Maiorisi, Chief CP&F Officer, led a DIB kickoff meeting. Since then, an Oversight Committee has been established and a chair has been named. The initial Oversight Committee meeting took place in June 2021, followed by the establishment of the first subcommittee – Climate & Engagement (C&E) – in August 2021 and the second subcommittee – Staff & Management Development (S&MD) – in June 2022. Next steps include the continued development of the Oversight Committee, the two subcommittees, and future subcommittees and focus groups.

Committees & Members

Oversight Committee
Chair: Chris Crosby, Facilities Operations Manager 
Executive Sponsor: Steve Maiorisi, Chief Campus Planning and Facilities Officer
Project Manager: Alexandra Connors, Strategic Initiatives Project Manager
Coordinator: Arielle Perry, Administrative Coordinator 
Carl Cowan, Director of Emergency Management
Colette Baker, Operations Analyst
Devonne Countryman-Monteiro, Manager
Jason DeConti, Project Manager
John Gadson, Director of Facilities
Kris Armando, Facilities Supervisor
Matrida Neli, COMS Coordinator
Sam McCutcheon, Planner
Tarah Allen, Senior Campus Planner

Climate & Engagement Subcommittee
Co-Chair: Devonne Countryman-Monteiro, Manager
Colette Baker, Operations Analyst
John Gadson, Director of Facilities
Chris Sottile, General Manager
Joshua Springer, Training and Quality Assurance Specialist

Staff & Management Development Subcommittee
Chair: Tarah Allen, Senior Campus Planner
Devonne Countryman-Monteiro, Manager
Jerico Johnston,  Facilities Operations Manager 
Joshua Springer, Training and Quality Assurance Specialist

News & Updates 

2023 Heritage and Awareness Calendar, from Harvard EDIB
Updates from DIB Oversight Committee, Sept 2021
Updates from DIB Oversight Committee, May 2023