Effective September 2021, all POI request submissions must be completed using the POI Request Form. The form can be completed electronically or by scanning a printed document and returning for processing. This new form captures additional information that is now required in the POI Portal. All fields must be completed and signed, a typed signature will be accepted for a form completed electronically and emailed.

For all POI related requests and correspondence, email: CPF_POI_REQUESTS@HU.onmicrosoft.com 

Please refer to the POI Request process diagram for the steps to take to both request a POI and provision an ID Card. Please note, the current process is still evolving and that additional process changes will be communicated as they are developed. 

The POI Request Form and process should be utilized by a Point Person for onboarding or renewing a POI requiring an ID card for access to any Harvard Medical School facility or leased space. A Point Person is required when you are unable to directly sponsor a POI per the Harvard University POI Policy. A Point Person represents and is authorized by their organization or company to make requests for POI access to their facility and can attest to the legitimacy of the POI.


Additional Information and Resources:

Please refer to the POI Policy for details and definitions of roles: https://huit.harvard.edu/poi-policy